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On the Road to Sinop, Without the Little Old Lady

The coast road from Amasra to Sinop on the Black Sea is beautiful, with mountains that rise up to 5,000 feet or so, clad in evergreen forests.  There are clouds resting on the mountain-tops, and the air is fresh and … Continue reading

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A Museum and a Schizophrenic in Amasra

“Amasra: it hides the sea’s song, mind’s burly voice and mermaids screams inside.  Well. It is unknown how much the God worked to make up this city.”  This piece of tortured prose — from the brochure they hand me at … Continue reading

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The Saga of the Cep Telefonu

Every Turk carries a cep telefonu.  Once you know that “cep” means pocket, you know what a cep telefonu is.  I happen to have one, but I needed a Turkish mobile phone carrier for my Android smart phone, of which … Continue reading

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Meeting Mr. Mayor, in Safranbolu

I have not met a lot of Turkish mayors.  In fact, so far only one: Necdet Aksoy of Safranbolu.  Safranbolu is a tourist town, drawing in flocks of travelers to see its well-preserved old city from the Ottoman era.  I … Continue reading

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